Section 8 – 4 miles

As you leave Little Eaton follow the cycle route towards the A38 and A61 roundabout. Take Ford Lane just before the roundabout.

At the end of the Lane follow the path along side the Railway, this climbs onto the A38 embankment. Follow the pavement across the railway bridge, descending the next steps to the underpass where you pass under the A38. From here the path heads across the flood meadow to Haslam’s Lane, Darley Abbey.

Turn right along Haslam’s Lane and pass through the Darley Abbey Mills and cross the Private Toll Road (you may have to pay a toll) to Darley Abbey Village. Continue southwards, passing the Darley Abbey Inn.

Rather than heading straight on into Darley Park, climb up New Road to see a little more of Darley Abbey’s heritage. The upper path through Darley Park provides dramatic views over the parkland. Toilets and refreshments are available at the terrace.

The path descends to join the Derby Riverside Path at Handyside Bridge. From here the Riverside Path follows the west bank of the River Derwent right through Derby city centre. It passes directly by the Derby Silk Mill, the River Gardens and the bus station.

The railway station is signed from the route and is a short walk along Railway Terrace.

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