Section 3 – 4.6 miles / 7.4 km

Overview:  This section passes Chatsworth House and is almost entirely within the Chatsworth Estate.

From the car park by the village green, turn right on the road, cross the bridge over Bar Brook, then turn right on the path signed to Chatsworth.

Pass through the novel revolving gate and continue through the estate to Queen Mary’s Bower and the entrance road.

Turn right over the bridge, then left to cross the meadow and up some steps.

At a line of trees, fork left on the main path near the river. Shortly after, fork right away from the river. At the next fork keep ahead on the upper path, which passes above an old mill and up to the road.

Cross and turn left through the park gate. Pass through the car park and along the road to the hamlet of Calton Lees. Turn left at the junction.

At the top of the road, pass through a gate on to a field path leading to a ladder stile. Continue across the meadows for almost a mile.

The path continues through a small wood and along a field to join a farm track. Turn left to reach Church Lane in Rowsley.

Turn left down the lane to the Peacock Hotel on the A6 and buses.

Cross the A6 and turn left for section 4.

Public transport

There are bus routes from Baslow to Sheffield, Buxton, Chesterfield, Bakewell, Matlock & Chatsworth.

Rowsley is on the Trans-Peak Derby, Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton & Manchester bus route. There are also buses to Chatsworth.

Accessibility information

None of this section is entirely suitable for conventional wheelchair use.

The path from Baslow to the Chatsworth House entrance road would be, apart from a short length of uneven surface beyond the revolving gate.  This could probably be avoided by diverting on to the grass alongside. Check in advance.

From the entrance road, after crossing the bridge, there is a well surfaced path to the village of Edensor.

The whole section is suitable for a sturdy child buggy, with a lift required in a couple of places.

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