Vision Statement

Derwent Valley Trust will seek to secure recognition of the Derbyshire Derwent Valley as The National Heritage Corridor, established as a national asset for the sustainable use of its landscape, wild life and heritage for the public benefit and as a distinct visitor destination.

Mission Statement

Derwent Valley Trust will create and nurture partnerships through which its vision can be realised and will use its influence to raise public awareness, shape opinion and secure funding for the realisation of The National Heritage Corridor concept.

Strategic Objectives


To provide a collaborative framework within which mutually interested parties can create partnerships to deliver the Trust’s corporate strategy.


To secure sufficient resources to realise the strategic and operational objectives and vision of the Trust


To promote, in a sustainable way, access for all within the valley to facilities and sites of interest for walking, cycling, horse riding and water users. It will incorporate the development of an unbroken braided multi-user access route throughout the entire length of The National Heritage Corridor

Integrated Transport

To encourage the development of an integrated sustainable transport strategy, serving The National Heritage Corridor in its entirety


To promote the preservation, conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic resources of the valley and through interpretation of those resources increase understanding and enjoyment by all its users

Research and Development

To commission and support research and development projects which address the vision and objectives of the Trust


To encourage integrated initiatives, including use of the Trust’s brand The National Heritage Corridor® in order to raise public awareness of the rich, diverse and sometimes fragile resources of the Derwent Valley and understanding of the need to preserve sensitive areas and sites.

The National Heritage Corridor is the registered collective trade mark of Derwent Valley Trust, a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under number 3182660 and registered as a charity under number 1058609 and having its registered office at Number One Pride Place, Pride Park, Derby. DE24 9QR